Timberyard Homes

Designed for You

Greenheart Cottages and homes, pre-designed or designed to your specific needs and space, is what Timberyard Homes is about. Whether in the city, countryside, forest or coastline, there is a model for you !
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Sustainably Built

Timberyard Homes has for the past decade, successfully designed, built and supplied, specially designed hardwood timber cottages and houses, suitable for any location.

All of our homes are built from sustainably harvested, first grade greenheart timber that is termite resistant and extremely durable against weather conditions. Homes are designed with hurricane resistance in mind and are as durable and lifetime as any other type of building structure.

Natural Spaces Using The Most Natural of Materials

Our Cottages and Houses are beautiful timber structures, with a curb appeal that is natural and which gives the nostalgia of the ‘old-time living’ experience. All of our designs are designed by Designs for Natural Architecture – DNA, a local design firm that specializes in creating natural spaces using the most natural of materials. All designs offer a unique indoor-outdoor experience, which offer views of outdoor landscapes through large timber windows and doors, past greenheart timber decks that allow indoor spaces to flow naturally into outdoor living and liming. Natural greenheart and purpleheart floors and ceilings help create a warm and peaceful indoor experience. Natural wind and sunlight factors are incorporated into the building flow so that a healthy atmosphere is maintained as a natural, healthy building creates harmony with, and within the home owner.

Experience Natural Living

Natural living is an art…perhaps a bit forgotten…but like all good art, always appreciated when experienced. Timberyard Homes offers an experience, an experience of natural living. We design, supply high quality timber products, flooring, decks, walls, ceilings, windows and doors. We complement our timber designs with slate stone roofing and wooden wallaba shingles and sidings. We are a one-stop shop. All you need is the Will…we are the Way !

Call us to meet and view our pre-designed options or to engage our design services for your own special space. Visit us on facebook: Timberyard. Email: timberyard7@gmail.com or call us on: 868 377 2165 or 868 270 3196.

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